Our Curriculum

At The Oaks Community Primary School we pride ourselves on our broad and balanced curriculum. The curriculum has been designed with consultants to ensure that we have National Curriculum coverage. Each year group has a new topic each term with the exception of our Reception Class, whom follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Each topic focus is planned around the children’s interests, needs and ability to enable the children to enjoy their learning and to ensure that the children can be successful.

Our Curriculum Statement shows how the curriculum is covered and what we offer to our pupils in our diverse curriculum.

Please find below the curriculum webs for Year One and Two, Year Three and four and Year Five and Six for this academic year.

Year One and Two Curriculum Overview 2016-2017

Year Three and Four Curriculum Overview 2016-2017

Year Five and Six Curriculum Overview 2016-2017

Here at The Oaks our broad and balanced curriculum ensures that the children have a range of support from our staff to enhance their learning in foundation subjects. we are fortunate enough to be able to provide our children with a number of additional experiences.



At The Oaks we have an extremely talented member of staff, who currently teaches each year group the techniques needed to be an amazing artist. Ms Martin has a good eye for art and is very talented at what she does. Ms Martin has created a progression of

skills so each year group is taught different skills and these are always linked to the classes current topic.



The school currently have an amazing drama specialist that visits the school every Thursday. Mrs Tudor  works with both Key Stage One and Key Stage Two on a rota basis.

During the Autumn Term she also provided additional support for our SEND pupils, promoting confidence and collaborative working in small group sessions. During the Spring Term, Mrs Tudor worked with a group of our Pupil Premium children. This term she has a small group of more able Pupil Premium children.

All the work she does is linked to class topics and focuses on different dramatic techniques.



We also currently have a progression of skills in our music lessons. We have outside support for the teaching of music and that includes all year groups. Key Stage One and Year 3 have weekly music sessions that focus on using their voices, the singing is also continued in our assemblies.

Year 4 and 5 have weekly violin lessons. The strings are sounded either by drawing the bow across them (arco), or sometimes by plucking them (pizzacato). The children usually play pizzicato to begin with, so they have the time to learn the notes and how to read sheet music.

Year 6 have weekly guitar lessons, this enables them to transfer the music skills that they have learnt during violin lessons in Year 4 and 5 and apply them to a different string instrument.

As the children move through the school they learn several instruments, how to read and write music as well as take part in weekly whole school singing at the end of each assembly.

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Reception Vocal coaching and percussion instruments
Year One Vocal coaching and percussion instruments
Year Two Vocal coaching and percussion instruments
Year Three Vocal coaching Drums
Year Four Violins and drums Violins Violins and Drums
Year Five Violins and drums Violins
Year Six Guitars Guitars Guitars


Throughout the course of the academic year our children work with Mr Triggs. He is  a computing specialist from MGL. The children have the opportunity to use a wide range of hardware to access the computing curriculum. As a school we frequently use laptops, iPads, Sphero Balls and our Minecraft suite however the children always get excited when Mr Triggs brings in robots, VR headsets or the 3D printer! Like our other specialist Mr Triggs works closely with the staff to create plans linked to the children’s currently learning.


EYFS, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two all learn French with Madame Chew. Madame Chew works with all the children over two afternoons and she delivers French lessons using songs, games and role play. The children learn basic conversational skills and phrases. Madame Chew often revisits previous learning and then building on prior knowledge so as the children enter Key Stage Two they can ask and answer basic questions. As the children learn the French language they also learn about French traditions and the French culture.