PE and Sports Funding

PE and Sport Funding 2016/2017.

PE and  Sport Grant funding, which is in an addition to main school funding, is allocated by the Department for Education to improve the quality of PE and sporting activities offered to pupils.

Funding for 2016 to 2017:

Schools with 17 or more eligible pupils receive £8,000 and an additional payment of £5 per pupil as recorded in the annual schools census in January 2015.The Oaks Community Primary School receives a total of £8,600 for the 2016/ 2017 academic year. (Link below)

Physical Education Review February 2017:

Identified areas of strength:

  • Pupils are well behaved and engaged in all PE lessons.
  • Children have a good understanding of healthy life choices.
  • All Pupils have the opportunity to attend a variety of competitions throughout the year through the Cheshire Oaks School Sport Partnership.
  • Good support from Teaching Assistants across Key Stages.
  • A wide range of sports are covered during PE lessons.

Identified areas for improvement:

  • To continue to be more actively involved in sporting competitions.
  • To create more sporting teams for upper KS2 so they have the opportunity to represent the school in different competitions.

How the money is spent at The Oaks Community Primary School:

We spend our money on a specialist PE company called Premier Sports who provide physical education lessons to each class throughout the school. This ensures a very high standard of physical education is delivered across both key stages and there is consistency through the delivery of lessons.  We are also a member of the Cheshire Oaks School Sport Partnership which is coordinated by Mr Poole of the University Church of England Academy in Ellesmere Port. For £ 850 per annum we access a variety of different sporting events run throughout the year from Reception to Year 6.

Government Aim – To improve the quality and delivery of Physical Education in schools.


  • To provide high quality sports coaches for all children from Reception to Year 6 in order to improve skills in all aspects of physical education
  • Develop staff skills by working alongside coaches as lessons are delivered.
  • Staff to participate in extra-curriculuar training sessions.


All children have access to a variety of sports through Premier Sports including rugby, football, netball, athletics, rounders, cricket, gymnastics and dance.  These sporting activities are delivered by Premier Sports by a sporting specialist in that field.

Government Aim – To engage in competitive sports and activities.


  • To increase the amount of competitive sports on offer and to provide more opportunities for childen to compete with pupils from different schools.
  • Provide the opportunity for any pupil to take part in competitive sports via the Cheshire Oaks School Sport Partnership.


  • There have been an increase number of children involved in the Cheshire Oaks School Sport Partnership this year through football events, tag rugby and basketball.
  • A large number of children have been involved in after school clubs. Including Yr 5/6 football and KS1 football.

Government Aim- To lead healthy, active lives.


  • Provide a variety of different resources so children can access physical activity and take ownership of what activity they want to play.
  • Reinforce our healthy snack policy in school and provide KS1 with a healthy fruit or vegetable snack every break time.
  • Provide swimming lesson for key stage 2 students.
  • Delivery of Hoops for Health programme by the Cheshire Phoenix Community Basketball team.
  • Premier Sports staff to supervise and coach children during lunchtime games such as football.


  • Children are active every day either through break or lunch time activities or through the delivery of a quality physical education lesson.
  • All KS2 children take part in swimming lesson during a 6-8 week block at the Ellesmere Port Sport Village. Children in yrs. 5 and yrs. 6 who do not complete the objective of swimming 25 meters have additional lesson with another class.
  • Hoops for Health delivered to yrs. 5 and yrs. 6 over a 4 week block including playing in a tournament before the Cheshire Phoenix Basketball team game at the Ellesmere Port Sport Village.