Mathematics Curriculum

At the Oaks Primary School, we ensure that the three aims of the curriculum are achieved by all pupils to prepare them for their future life. We want the children to:

-          become fluent in the basic skills of Mathematics including mental fluency

-          reason mathematically by spotting patterns and relationships, making connections and generalisations, explaining their reasoning by developing and justifying their hypotheses and findings using appropriate mathematical language and vocabulary

-          solve a variety of problems of different degrees of sophistication

We created our Calculation policy and we use the White Rose Mastery planning in every year group from Reception to Year 6 together with the NCETM Mastery and Greater Depth Documents and the NCETM Progression Maps in Reasoning.

To provide precise teaching, we carry out Headstart pre- and post- assessment tests in each unit of work from year 1 to year 6.

To track pupils’ progress, we assess the children termly using the White Rose Arithmetic and Reasoning tests.

The Oaks Primary School Calculation policy: TheOaksCalculation Policy 2016_2017

White Rose Mastery planning: White Rose School Overview

NCETM Mastery and Greater Depth documents:

NCETM Progression Maps in Reasoning:1_Progression_Map_Place_Value_Reasoning

Useful Websites:

For Greater Depth problems: NRICH


Times Tables: